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Thursday, August 08, 2013

C2 Certification Explained:

Computer Crusher Recycling, LLC is very proud to announce that as of August 8th, 2013, we have achieved C2 certification, Control #2013034, ID #10032, from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. We have been preparing for this audit since November of 2011. What does C2 compliance mean? We are now recognized by the TCEQ as being in full compliance with all environmental and security processes that the TCEQ has set forth for electronic recyclers. During the site visit and full audit by the TCEQ our paperwork, processes as well as any downstream vendors were thoroughly checked and verified to meet TCEQ compliance criteria. In particular, how your equipment is handled, tracked, and processed once it arrives at our facility is closely verified through the audit process.

We are proud that we pioneered onsite physical data destruction in the computer electronics industry. We truly appreciate your ongoing trust in Computer Crusher Recycling to process your computer electronics in the most secure and environmentally sound processes. We now have the certified credentials to backup our continued efforts to provide you with exceptional computer electronics recycling.


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