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Choose Your E-waste Vendor Wisely

Friday, March 08, 2019

It goes without saying that your data is sensitive.  No matter what type of business you are in you have data that needs to remain private.  I know personally I have hundreds of spreadsheets analyzing customer behaviors, sales figures, company cash flow information as well as anything else that can be analyzed.  Once a company begins hiring employees your data becomes even more sensitive as social security numbers, bank accounts, and other personal information must be electronically filed away.  When it comes time to upgrade and dispose of your computers, laptops, and servers an important decision must be made.  Who are you going to trust to handle your ultra-sensitive data that it is written and stored on your hard drives? 

Just about any computer recycling company will address hard drive destruction when asked about it.  You can probably find it mentioned on their website. When it comes down to it, how will your hard drives be dealt with?  Very few companies will offer or have the capability to perform onsite data destruction on your hard drives.  The type of data destruction that you can see with your own eyes. It comes down to a trust factor when your computers are hauled off for recycling and your sensitive data goes with them. The security of your company rides on the company policy and integrity of your chosen computer recycling company.  This is the primary reason we have always since the inception of the company offered onsite physical destruction of computer hard drives. It’s a trust factor. There are no questions left when you witness a hard drive being physically destroyed.  When we leave the parking lot on a hard drive destruction project the security issue is over. I would hope that most computer recycling companies do the right thing and exercise due diligence and integrity in their offsite data destruction policies.  

When computers and laptops are recycled, they are resold as part of the recycling process in many cases. Computers and laptops are worth more to a recycling company with intact hard drives. This is not a bad thing. After all reuse has a much more positive impact on the environment than smelting and recycling. You cannot reuse a hard drive after it has been physically destroyed. Isn’t that the point of physical data destruction? The bottom line is this. Make sure you know who you are doing business with when it comes time to dispose of your computer hardware. If you are comfortable with offsite unwitnessed destruction make sure you are provided documentation. We provide our customers with a certificate of destruction that lists every serial number of every drive we process. When it comes to computer recycling companies, choose wisely!

The State of Computer Recycling Today

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

It seems more than ever we as Americans are consuming more and more electronics.  You won’t get very far driving down the roads these days without seeing someone glued to their cell phone or GPS while trying to drive!  We Americans love our electronics.  As interest for mobile devices and on demand type services increase the pile of discarded electronics grow bigger and bigger.  We are of course more dialed into the vital importance of recycling and preserving resources for our environment.  When you look at the business and corporate world today you see the biggest impact on the cycle of buying and then discarding computer electronics.  Many corporations have a 3 to 4 year refresh rate on computers, laptops, and LCD monitors.  This does not include the many units that are discarded because they are damaged, non-working, or obsolete.  We frequently come across commercial sized printers and LCD monitors that are put out of service because of the cost of the replacement parts.  Another big factor that we have seen impacting computer recycling today is cloud computing.  Many large and small companies alike have moved to storing their data remotely using a cloud service rather than their own network servers.  There has been a growing pile of large heavy network equipment waiting to be recycled as companies move to a more efficient and convenient cloud-based network platform.

                One thing that has not diminished and in fact has become even more critical is the security of our electronic data.  While recycling your computers and laptops is of upmost importance, the proper destruction of your data and your company’s data is critical in today’s technological environment.  Thieves and criminals today are highly technological.  They know how to steal your data long before you even know there is an issue.  One of the most important times to analyze your security practices is when you recycle your electronics.  Particularly as a business you need to know what happens to your data that is left on the hard drives of your computers, servers, laptops, etc., as someone hauls them off for recycling. We have always offered our customers the option to witness their hard drives being destroyed onsite as they observe.  There is no better way to positively confirm that your data has been destroyed than witnessing it with your own eyes.  You also need to ask for documentation that shows info such as serial numbers of the hard drives destroyed for your records.  Just like any other industry it is important to know how long the computer recycling company has been in business.  This speaks volumes about their resources used for recycling as well as experience in the electronics recycling industry.  In the Dallas Fort Worth area alone, our company recycled well over 500,000 pounds of computer electronics in 2018.  Many of the thousands of hard drives that we recycled were crushed in front of our customers.  Over the last 11 years we have seen a lot of changes in the different types of electronics we recycle.  The one thing that has not changed is the need for secure data destruction. 

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