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Computer Crusher Recycling LLC offers a secure solution to computer electronic recycling. President and founder Brad Chism is a Business Computer Information Systems graduate of the University of North Texas in Denton Texas. The company was built on the premise that security is the number one priority when dealing with computer electronics.

In 2006 Computer Crusher developed equipment that allowed us to physically destroy computer hard drives onsite for our customers. This new method allowed us to show our customers first hand that their data was actually being destroyed. Customers raved that their data was confidently handled before we even left their facility. NBC channel 5 news in Dallas/ Fort Worth filmed a segment for their “Going Green” series on our unique approach to computer recycling in the summer of 2007. Since then, various news media outlets including the Dallas Morning News have done follow up stories on our progress.

Chism founded the company believing that customers should not just be promised that their sensitive data will be destroyed offsite at another facility, but wanted them to see with their own eyes that it was being done properly. Computer Crusher uses no power or electricity to accomplish the data destruction. This means your data is not only securely destroyed on-site, but no energy is wasted as well. Forgoing the use of energy hungry wiping or degaussing techniques allows us to provide the most green method of data destruction possible.

Chism, who at the age of 10 started a business recycling old newspapers from local neighborhoods, strives continuously to ensure that e-waste managed by Computer Crusher Recycling Company is handled in the most environmentally responsible manner. This environmental stewardship has allowed Computer Crusher to tout a proud zero landfill policy. Computer Crusher also partners with local entities to properly monitor downstream recycling. This allows us to ensure our downstream maintains the same strict standards as ourselves.

Through a new comprehensive inventory system our employees are now able to track, sort, and store materials processed by our facility. This attention to detail in item tracking allows you to know the exact materials that have left your facility.

It is our goal to provide a secure and responsible outlet for the recycling of computer electronics for both businesses and residents. 


Great Service Offered

After the EPA relaxed regulations on electronic waste to encourage recycling, this allowed us to take this waste out of a HAZ waste stream. We found Computer Crushers and it lowered our disposal costs 75%. When I request a pick-up they schedule it in a timely fashion, and they arrive at the appointed time. One important service they provide is the complete destruction of computer hard drives that even military encryption will not accomplish, and they provide a complete list of each hard drive serial number destroyed. They also destroy server back-up tapes which is also important to our company. Best of all is knowing that this waste stream is being properly disposed of.

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Great Service & Professional

We have used Computer Crusher 4 times now to recycle our old equipment, and they have always been very prompt and professional. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to recycle equipment.

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