Electronics Recycling

 We take a "Security comes first" approach to electronics recycling.  We are proud to be one of the first pioneers to offer onsite physical data destruction.  We also remove all asset tags and any identifying logos or names that might be associated with your equipment.  We even erase BIOS info that is related to any company or individual.  To ensure the most effective recycling processes are used we analyze all equipment that comes in our facility for either reuse or end of life destruction. Refurbishing and reuse is the most environmentally friendly approach to the electronic ewaste issue.  However if the equipment has reached end of life then all dismantling of computer electronics is done by hand.

All equipment that comes into our facility is weighed, categorized and assigned a lot number. This lot ID tracks the equipment as it moves through our facility. Whether it’s dismantling end of life equipment or testing components for reuse; you can be assured that your equipment is handled securely and responsibly. We will also provide you with certificates of destruction and recycling for all equipment that we process upon request.

Data Destruction

At Computer Crusher Recycling we believe data destruction should come before electronics recycling. We can physically crush all of your computer hard drives onsite at your facility before we leave with your computers and other electronic equipment. All of the destruction is handled in our Crusher vehicles where you can witness the process. We can also provide tracking with a Certificate of Destruction which documents the destroyed media. When we leave your facility the data security issue is over. Would you expect anything less from a company named “Computer Crusher Recycling?”

Recycling Pickups

Whether your equipment is piled up in a storage room or palletized on your loading dock we make the collection process easy for you. Our staff will do all the heavy lifting, stacking, and loading of the equipment. A simple call or email can get your e-waste removal scheduled. Many times we can service our customers the same day. Whether it's recycling toner cartridges to removing heavy server racks we can save you from calling multiple companies to complete your project. Send us an email with a brief description of your equipment or call us today to get your collection scheduled.

Data Security: Physical Destruction Vs Wiping Drives

We are pioneers in providing onsite data destruction. Our clients’ hard drives can be physically destroyed through our specialized and certified hard drive disk crusher. We do this because we view your data as a LIABILITY rather than an asset. With the amount of compliance protected information on just one hard drive, we know that it is in our clients’ best interest to do our best in protecting their clients. We believe the paramount way to do this is through physical destruction. Not only can we save your information from getting into the wrong hands, but we can properly dispose of the parts to help keep our planet a little greener.

Physical Destruction 


Wiped Drive

Data cannot be “reused”   Private information can be reconstructed
Takes only seconds to crush hard drives   Proper software wipe can take upwards of 8-9 hours
No Energy output needed   Rarely Cost Effective
100% of crushed drive can be recycled   Hard drive can be re-sold

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Computer Crusher Recycling provided us with a high level of professionalism and care during the entire process. There was great communication, the entire process went as scheduled. Everybody was professional and courteous.

UNT Warehouse Manager

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