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Whether your company needs Certificates of Destruction, Certificates of Recycling, or detailed weights and categories of recycled materials, we are capable of serving your documentation needs. Look below to our Documentation and Downloads section to view samples of our various certificates and other helpful documentation.

Certificate of Data Destruction Certificate of Data Destruction (823 KB)

Certificate of Recycling Certificate of Recycling (343 KB)

Detailed Quote Sheet Detailed Quote Sheet (301 KB)

Invoice Invoice (246 KB)

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Unexpectedly superior service

Computer Crusher Recycling provided us with unexpectedly superior service. On our Spring Clean up day, we had 30 television sets on site before we started the clean up. No way they would all fit in the van we asked for. They arranged to have a larger truck on site and loaded all the televisions for recycling. I was pleased at how quickly and smoothly our problem was solved.

Roadside Cleanup Committee
Chapter of Keep Texas Beautiful

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